Lightweight & flexible sports headphones

  • SE-IM6BT-B ironman image


    Wireless Sports Earphones
    AptX Premium Audio
    10-hour Battery Life
    Water & Sweat Resistant
  • SE-IM5BT-R ironman headphone


    Wireless Sports Earphones
    8-hour Battery Life
    Handsfree Calling with integrated Mic
    Water & Sweat Resistant
  • SE-E3M IRONMAN headphone image


    Sports Earphones
    Lightweight and Comfortable
    Frequency Response: 8Hz to 22kHz
    Water & Sweat Resistant


Anything is possible

The iconic IRONMAN® Series of events is the largest participation sports platform in the world. Since the inception of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE by crossing finish lines at the world's most challenging endurance races.

A Winning

Pioneer IRONMAN® sports earphones bring together the love of an active lifestyle with Pioneer’s deep-history in audio excellence through a comfortable headphone that can support the everyday athlete.

meets comfort

Built to be lightweight and flexible, Pioneer IRONMAN® sports earphones give the perfect balance of comfort and audio performance for your active lifestyle. Featuring stay-in-place designs for a snug fit, durable materials with water/sweat-resistance make them ideal for most activities.

Audio that
pushes the limits
with you.

The right music can keep you moving, motivated, and improve your flow through a workout routine. Pioneer IRONMAN® sports earphones were designed to deliver a solid audio experience with a powerful punch helping you to keep working harder through each rep.