Alberta Dealers

Airdrie, AB

  London Drugs 2781 Main Street SW
Suite 110
Airdrie, AB T4B 3S6
p. 587-775-0337


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 294 Sierra Springs Drive SE
Airdrie, AB T4B 3G6
p. 403-912-4101


Calgary, AB

  Base Electronics #104 3928 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB T2E 3P6
p. 403-230-2489


  BEST BUY Beacon Hill Centre
11810 Sarcee Trail NW
Calgary, AB T3R 0A1
p. 403-295-5665


  BEST BUY Sunridge Power Centre
#500 - 3221 Sunridge Way NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 7M4
p. 403-717-1000


  BEST BUY Deerfoot Meadows Shopping Centre
#300 - 8180 11 ST. SE
Calgary, AB T2H 3B5
p. 403-258-7975


  BEST BUY Northland Village Shopping Centre
#350 - 5111 Northland DR NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2J8
p. 403-247-717


  BEST BUY Shawnessy Towne Centre
#110 - 350R Shawville Boulevard SE
Calgary, AB T2Y 3S4
p. 403-509-9120


  BEST BUY Hanson Square
#901 - 17TH AVENUE SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0A4
p. 403-541-6090


  BEST BUY Westhills Towne Centre
#350 - Stewarts Green SW
Calgary, AB T3H 3C8
p. 403-242-2085


  London Drugs London Town Centre
3545 32nd Ave NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6
p. 403-571-4931


  London Drugs 8330 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2V2
p. 403-571-4930


  London Drugs 1508 - 8th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1J9
p. 403-571-4958


  London Drugs 8120 Beddington Blvd NW
Suite 400
Calgary, AB T3K 2A8
p. 403-571-4940


  London Drugs 3630 Brentwood Road NW
Calgary, AB T2L 1K8
p. 403-571-4933


  London Drugs 5255 Richmond Road SW
Suite 300
Calgary, AB T3E 7C4
p. 403-571-4932


  London Drugs 8888 Country Hills Blvd NW
Suite 500
Calgary, AB T3G 5T4
p. 403-571-4968


  London Drugs 4701 - 130th Avenue. SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 4J2
p. 403-571-4964


  London Drugs 3545 - 32nd Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 6M6
p. 403-571-4931


  London Drugs 8330 MacLeod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2H 2V2
p. 403-571-4930


  London Drugs 1508 - 8th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2R 1J9
p. 403-571-4958


  London Drugs 8120 Beddington Blvd NW
Suite 400
Calgary, AB T3K 2A8
p. 403-571-4940


  London Drugs 3630 Brentwood Road NW
Calgary, AB T2L 1K8
p. 403-571-4933


  London Drugs 5255 Richmond Road SW
Suite 300
Calgary, AB T3E 7C4
p. 403-571-4932


  London Drugs 8888 Country Hills Blvd NW
Suite 500
Calgary, AB T3G 5T4
p. 403-571-4968


  Sounds of Music 820 10TH Street SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2X1
p. 403-265-1393


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 46 Crowfoot Circle N.W.
Calgary, AB T3G 2T3
p. 403-208-2487


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 5470-76TH AVE SE
Calgary, AB T2C 4S3


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 6505 - 48TH Street S.E.
Calgary, AB T2C 3J7
p. 403-279-1079


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 10555 48TH ST. S.E.
Calgary, AB T2C 2B7


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 2020 Centre Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 0B1


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 2930 - 32 AVE N.E.
Calgary, AB T1Y 5J4
p. 403-250-9107


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 9950 Macleod Trail S
Calgary, AB T2J 3K9
p. 403-255-2255


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 3915-51 ST. S.W.
Calgary, AB T3E 6N1
p. 403-240-2296


Edmonton, AB

  AUDIO 5.1 10326-63 AVE
Edmonton, AB T6H 1P1
p. 780-432-3232


  BEST BUY Oliver Gates Shopping Centre
#10304 - 109th Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 1M3
p. 780-498-5505


  BEST BUY 17539 Stony Plain Road NW
Edmonton, AB T5S 2S1
p. 780-443-6700


  BEST BUY South Edmonton Common
#9931 19 AVENUE NW
Edmonton, AB T6N 1M4
p. 780-431-6700


  BEST BUY Riocan Meadows
#2040 38 AVENUE NW
Edmonton, AB T6T 0B9
p. 780-450-7200


  BEST BUY Skyview Power Centre
#13924 - 137 AVENUE NW
Edmonton, AB T5L 5H1
p. 780-377-4575


  Double Diamond Electronics LTD 12210 163 ST
Edmonton, AB T5V 1S2
p. 780 443 4990


  London Drugs South Edmonton Common
9704 19 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6N 1K5
p. 780-944-4557


  London Drugs London centre
10531 51st Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6H 0K5
p. 780-944-4523


  London Drugs 9450 137th Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, AB T5E 6C2
p. 780-944-4521


  London Drugs 11704 - 104th Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2T6
p. 780-944-4545


  London Drugs 6048 Currents Drive NW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0L7
p. 780-944-4583


  London Drugs 14951 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB T5P 4W1
p. 780-944-4522


  London Drugs 8882 - 170th Street
Suite 1494
Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
p. 780-944-4526


  London Drugs 9704 - 19 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6N 1K5
p. 780-944-4557


  London Drugs 10531 - 51st Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6H 0K5
p. 780-944-4523


  London Drugs 9450 137th Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, AB T5E 6C2
p. 780-944-4521


  London Drugs 11704 - 104th Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5K 2T6
p. 780-944-4545


  London Drugs 6048 Currents Drive NW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0L7
p. 780-944-4583


  London Drugs 14951 Stony Plain Road
Edmonton, AB T5P 4W1
p. 780-944-4522


  London Drugs 8882 - 170th Street
Suite 1494
Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
p. 780-944-4526


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 13723 - 42ND, Street
Edmonton, AB T5Y 2W7
p. 780-457-4888


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 15305-128 AVENUE NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 1P1


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 10133-34 AVE
Edmonton, AB T6E 6J8
p. 780-438-6242


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 10421 - 170 ST.
Edmonton, AB T5P 4T2
p. 780-444-7007


Fort McMurray, AB

  Audio Dezigns LTD 10112 Centennial Drive
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 1Y4
p. 780-715-2266


Grande Prairie, AB

  BEST BUY Grande Prairie Power Centre
#9817 - 116 STREET
Grande Prairie, AB T8W 0C7
p. 780-513-7325


  ECHO SOUND (AVU) 11101 100TH ST
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 2N2
p. 780-538-1333


  London Drugs 10820 - 104B Avenue
Grande Prairie, AB T8V 7L6
p. 780-538-3700


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 11706-99TH AVE
Edmonton, AB T8W 0C7
p. 780-538-3318


Leduc, AB

  Laser Tech AVU Lethbridge Smart Centre
Leduc, AB T9E 6X9
p. 780-986-9404


Lethbridge, AB

  BEST BUY Lethbridge Smart Centre
#1C - 3734 Mayor Magrath Drive South
Lethbridge, AB T1K 7T6
p. 403-388-5060


  London Drugs 905 First Avenue South
Ste 110
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4M7
p. 403-320-8899


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 3040 Fairway Street S
Lethbridge, AB T1K 6T9
p. 403-320-2333


Lloydminster, AB

  BEST BUY Lloydminster Power Centre
#7501 44 Street, Unit 101
Lloydminster, AB T9V 0X9
p. 780-874-9996


Medicine Hat, AB

  BEST BUY Medicine Hat Mall
#600 - 3292 Dunmore Road SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1B 2R4
p. 403-527-0982


  London Drugs 3201 13th ave Se
Ste 104
Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1E2
p. 403-528-8360


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 1930 STRACHAN ROAD S.E.
Medicine Hat, AB T1B 4K4
p. 403-526-2999


Okotoks, AB

  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership #661-200 Southridge Drive
Okotoks, AB T1S 0B2
p. 403-995-1184


Peace River, AB

  Village Sound 9714 100ST, BOX 5154
Peace River, AB T8S 1R8
p. 780-624-2616


Red Deer, AB

  BEST BUY Southpoint Common
#800 - 5001 - 19 STREET
Red Deer, AB T4R 3R1
p. 403-314-5645


  London Drugs 2004 - 50 Avenue
Suite 109
Red Deer, AB T4R 3A2
p. 403-342-5222


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 2119 50TH AVE
Red Deer, AB T4R 1Z4
p. 403-340-1750


Sherwood Park, AB

  London Drugs Village Market
999 Fir Street
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4N5
p. 780-944-4520


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 390-5000 Emerald Drive
Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0P5
p. 480-464-4859


St. Albert, AB

  BEST BUY #200 - 760 St. Albert Trail
St. Albert, AB T8N 3P8
p. 780-418-4515


  London Drugs 19 Bellerose Drive
Suite 10
St. Albert, AB T8N 5E1
p. 780-944-4548


  Vision Electronics Limited Partnership 525 ST. Albert Trail UNIT 220
St. Albert, AB T8N 4J8
p. 780-488-8155


British Columbia Dealers

Abbotsford, BC

  BEST BUY Sevenoaks Shopping Centre
#4 - 32900 South Fraser Way
Abbotsford, BC V2S 5A1
p. 604-852-6220


  London Drugs 32700 South Fraser Way #26
Abbotsford, BC V2T 4M5
p. 604-852-0936


  London Drugs 3122 Mt Lehman Rd. Unit L110
Abbotsford, BC V2T 0C5
p. 604-870-3585


Burnaby, BC

  BEST BUY Station Square
Unit 200 - 6200 McKay Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5H 4L7
p. 778-452-2250


  BEST BUY 4805 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4T6
p. 778-452-2250


  London Drugs 9855 Austin Ave #101
Burnaby, BC V3J 1N4
p. 604-448-4825


  London Drugs 7280 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC V5J 0A2
p. 604-448-4871


  London Drugs 4970 Kingsway Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5H 2E2
p. 604-448-4806


  London Drugs 4567 Lougheed Hwy #400
Burnaby, BC V5C 3Z6
p. 604-448-4856


  London Drugs 9855 Austin Avenue #101
Burnaby, BC V3J 1N4
p. 604-448-4825


  London Drugs 7280 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC V5J 0A2
p. 604-448-4871


  London Drugs 4970 Kingsway Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5H 2E2
p. 604-448-4806


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 5756 Imperial AVE
Burnaby, BC V5J 1G3
p. 604-430-6999


Campbell River, BC

  London Drugs 1400 Dogwood Street #260
Campbell River, BC V9W 3A6
p. 250-286-9917


Chilliwack, BC

  BEST BUY Centre Point Plaza
#101 - 45805 Luckakuck Way
Chilliwack, BC V2R 5S3
p. 604-824-5979


  London Drugs 45585 Luckakuck Way #21
Chilliwack, BC V2R 1A1
p. 604-858-9347


Coquitlam, BC

  BEST BUY Coquitlam Centre
Unit 2140 - 2929 Barnet Hwy
Coquitlam, BC V3B 5R5
p. 604-468-5500


  BEST BUY Pinetree Shopping Centre
1135 Pinetree WAY
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7K5
p. 604-468-5500


  London Drugs 2929 Barnet highway #1030
Chilliwack, BC V3B 5R5
p. 604-448-4815


Courtenay, BC

  BEST BUY First Pro Courtenay
Building D, Unit 1, 3245 Cliffe Avenue
Courtenay, BC V9N 2L9
p. 250-334-9791


  London Drugs 2751 Cliffe Avenue #4000
Courtenay, BC V9N 2L8
p. 250-703-2838


Delta, BC

  London Drugs Scot 72 mall
7303 120th Street
Delta, BC V4C 6P5
p. 604-448-4817


  London Drugs 5237 - 48th Avenue
Delta, BC V4K 1W4
p. 604-448-4837


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1127 Derwent Way
Delta, BC V3M 5R4


Duncan, BC

  BEST BUY Cowichan Commons
#101 - 2900 Drinkwater Road
Duncan, BC V9L 6C6
p. 250-737-1338


  London Drugs 119 Trans Canada Hwy
Duncan, BC V9L 3P8
p. 250-709-9910


Gibsons, BC

  London Drugs 900 Gibsons Way
Gibsons, BC V0N 1V7
p. 604-886-8720


Kamloops, BC

  BEST BUY Aberdeen Mall
Y700 - 1320 West Trans-Canada Hwy.
Kamloops, BC V1S 1J2
p. 250-374-7554


  London Drugs 450 Lansdowne Street #216
Kamloops, BC V2C 1Y3
p. 250-372-0028


Kelowna, BC

  BEST BUY Orchard park
UNIT 1403 - 2271 Harvey Ave
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H2
p. 250-448-0890


  London Drugs 1950 Harvey Avenue #400
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8J8
p. 250-860-3331


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 2463 HIGHWAY 97 #155
Kelowna, BC V1X 4J2
p. 250-762-5900


Langley, BC

  BEST BUY First Pro Langley
UNIT F3 - 20202 - 66 AVE
Langley, BC V2Y 1P3
p. 604-530-7787


  London Drugs 20202 - 66th Ave.
Langley, BC V2Y 1P3
p. 604-448-4818


Maple Ridge, BC

  London Drugs 22709 Lougheed Hwy #101
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2V5
p. 604-448-4847


  Haney Sewing & Sound 22381 Dewdney Trunk Road
Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3J4
p. 604-467-3884


Mission, BC

  London Drugs 32555 London Avenue #200
Mission, BC V2V 6M7
p. 604-820-5115


Nanaimo, BC

  BEST BUY Country Club Shopping Centre
3200 Island Hwy. North, Unit 87
Nanaimo, BC V9T 1W1
p. 250-729-8632


  London Drugs 650 South Terminal #2
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5E2
p. 250-753-5566


  London Drugs 4750 Rutherford Road #175
Nanaimo, BC V9T 4K6
p. 250-760-2030


  Sound & Cinema 6750 N Island Hwy #204
Nanaimo, BC V9V 1S3
p. 250-933-1324


New Westminster, BC

  London Drugs 555-6th Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 5H1
p. 604-448-4803


North Vancouver, BC

  London Drugs 2032 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver, BC V7M 2K5
p. 604-448-4805


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 935 MARINE DR
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S3
p. 604-988-8544


Penticton, BC

  London Drugs 2111 Main Street #165
Penticton, BC V2A 6W6
p. 250-492-4728


  Muntz Stereo 48 Industrial Ave W #140
Penticton, BC V2A 6M2
p. 250-493-6611


Pitt Meadows, BC

  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 19473 Fraser
Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2V4
p. 604-464-8295


Port Coquitlam, BC

  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1970 Oxford Connector
Port Coquitlam, BC V3Y 2V4
p. 604-464-8295


Prince George, BC

  BEST BUY Brookwood Plaza
#201 - 3900 Walls Avenue
Prince George, BC V2N 4L4
p. 250-561-2277


  London Drugs 1600 -15th Avenue #196
Prince George, BC V2L 3X3
p. 250-561-0011


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 142 - 6333 Southridge AVE.,
Prince George, BC V2N 6Z4
p. 250-964-2800


Prince Rupert, BC

  East Wind Emporium 219 3 Ave W
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L2
p. 250-627-7960


Richmond, BC

  ATK Enterprises, Inc. #102-11511 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, BC V6X 1T4
p. 604-304-9011


  BEST BUY Lawnsdowne Center
#700 - 5300 NO. 3 ROAD
Richmond, BC V6X 2X9
p. 604-273-7335


  London Drugs 11666 Steveston Hwy #3200
Richmond, BC V7A 5J3
p. 604-448-4852


  London Drugs 5971 No.3 Road
Richmond, BC V6X 2E3
p. 604-448-4811


South Surrey, BC

  London Drugs 15850 26th ave #130
South Surrey, BC V3Z 2N6
p. 604-448-4881


  London Drugs 15355 - 24th Avenue #100
South Surrey, BC V4A 2H9
p. 604-448-4842


Squamish, BC

  London Drugs 40282 Glenalder Place
Squamish, BC V8B 0G2
p. 604-898-8270


Surrey, BC

  21st Century Entertainment Inc 19358 - 96th Ave, Unit 305
Surrey, BC V4N 4C1
p. 604-513-2377


  BEST BUY Scott Road Crossing
12048 80 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W 3M1
p. 604-635-1452


  BEST BUY Grandview Corners
2267 160 Street
Surrey, BC V3Z 9N6
p. 604-535-5660


  BEST BUY Central City
10025 King George Highway
Surrey, BC V3T 2W1
p. 604-580-7788


  London Drugs 17685 64th Ave
Surrey, BC V3S 1Z2
p. 604-448-4875


  London Drugs 10355 152th Street #2300
Surrey, BC V3R 7B9
p. 604-448-4809


  London Drugs London Station
10348 Kig George Blvd
Surrey, BC V3T 2W5
p. 604-448-4808


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 8062 King George HWY
Surrey, BC V3W 5Y2
p. 604-502-8820


Vancouver, BC

  The Sound Room 2025 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z6
p. 604-736-7771


  BEST BUY 798 Granville Street #200
Vancouver, BC V6Z 3C3
p. 604-683-2502


  BEST BUY 2220 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T7
p. 604-638-4966


  BEST BUY 8133 Ontario Street
Vancouver, BC V5X 0A7
p. 604-326-3350


  London Drugs 3328 Kingsway Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5R 5L1
p. 604-448-4828


  London Drugs 2585 East Hastings St.
Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z1
p. 604-448-4807


  London Drugs 5639 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC V5P 3W2
p. 604-448-4853


  London Drugs 351 Abbott Street #150
Vancouver, BC V6B 0G6
p. 604-448-4878


  London Drugs 1622 Salt Street
Vancouver, BC V5Y 0E4
p. 604-448-4882


  London Drugs 710 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1E4
p. 604-448-4802


  London Drugs 525 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6
p. 604-448-4804


  London Drugs 1187 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5
p. 604-448-4819


  London Drugs 1650 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 1V9
p. 604-448-4850


  London Drugs 2230 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 2E3
p. 604-448-4874


  London Drugs 2091 W 42nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6M 2B4
p. 604-448-4810


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1672 SE Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V5P 2R6
p. 604-718-6434


Vernon, BC

  BEST BUY First Pro Vernon
5600 24 Street
Vernon, BC V1T 9T3
p. 250-542-0701


  London Drugs 4400 - 32nd Street #700
Vernon, BC V1T 9H2
p. 250-549-1551


  The Hi Fi Attic 1013 Kalamalka Lake Rd
Vernon, BC V1T 6V4
p. 250-470-7777


Victoria, BC

  BEST BUY Uptown
3450 Uptown Boulevard, Suite 200
Victoria, BC V8Z 0B9
p. 250-419-7670


  BEST BUY Gateway Station
779 McCallum Drive
Victoria, BC V9B 6A2
p. 250-391-4514


  London Drugs 3995 Quadra Street #127
Victoria, BC V8X 1J8
p. 250-727-0246


  London Drugs 911 Yates Street #101
Victoria, BC V8V 3M4
p. 250-360-0880


  London Drugs 3170 Tillicum Road #Y003A
Victoria, BC V9A 7C5
p. 250-360-2654


  London Drugs 1907 Sooke Road
Victoria, BC V9B 1V8
p. 250-474-0900


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 2401D Millstream RD #101
Victoria, BC V9B 3R5
p. 250-474-6082


West Vancouver, BC

  BEST BUY Park Royal Shopping Centre
#2100 Park Royal South
West Vancouver, BC V7T 2W4
p. 604-913-3336


  London Drugs 875 Park Royal North
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1H9
p. 604-448-4844


Westbank, BC

  London Drugs 2151 Louie Drive
Campbell River, BC V4T 3E6
p. 250768-8504


Manitoba Dealers

Brandon, MB

  BEST BUY Corral Centre
901A - 18th Street North
Brandon, MB R7A 7S1
p. 204-727-6826


  Aurora TV and Radio Ltd 1139 Rosser Avenue
Brandon, MB R7A 0L8
p. 204-727-8379  


Winnipeg, MB

  BEST BUY Pembina Crossing
#6 - 1910 Pembina Hwy.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 4S5
p. 204-982-0551


  BEST BUY ST. James Station Centre
UNIT A - 810 ST. James Street
Winnipeg, MB R3G 3J7
p. 204-783-0976


  BEST BUY Crossroad Station Shopping Centre
1580 Regent AV West UNIT 10
Winnipeg, MB R2C 2Y9
p. 204-661-8157


  London Drugs St. Vitale Centre
1225 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB R2M 5E5
p. 204-253-1650


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1130 ST. James Street
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0K7
p. 204-775-7082


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1680 Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2G2
p. 204-269-2372


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 1510 Regent Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3B4
p. 204-224-4644


  Visions Electronics Limited Partnership 55 Rothwell Road, Door 28
Winnipeg, MB R3P 2M5


  Creative Audio 353 Provencher Blvd #7
Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G8
p. 204-452-5921


  Brian Reimer Audio 1053 St Mary's Rd
Winnipeg, MB R2M 3T1
p. 204-256-7724


New Brunswick Dealers

Fredericton, NB

  BEST BUY Fredericton Mall
1220 Prospect Street
Fredericton, NB E3B 3C1
p. 506-452-1600


Moncton, NB

  BEST BUY 50 Plaza Boulevard
Moncton, NB E1C 0G4
p. 506-853-5188


Saint John, NB

  BEST BUY First Pro Saint John
80 Consumers Drive
Saint John, NB E2J 4Z3
p. 506-657-3680


Newfoundland and Labrador Dealers

ST. Johns, NF

  BEST BUY 3 Stavanger Drive
ST. Johns, NF A1A 5E8
p. 709-754-1292


  West End Electronics 3 Blackmarsh Rd
ST. Johns, NF A1E 1S3
p. 709-579-2222


Nova Scotia Dealers

Dartmouth, NS

  BEST BUY Dartmouth Crossing
119 Gale Terrace BLDG. 1K-4
Dartmouth, NS B3B 0C4
p. 902-468-0075


  Glubes Audio Video Unlimited Westphal Plaza
100 Main St
Dartmouth, NS B2X 1R5
p. 902-434-5511


Halifax, NS

  BEST BUY 11 Washmill Lake Drive
Halifax, NS B3S 0A2
p. 902-442-3300


Sydney, NS

  BEST BUY Mayflower Mall
Unit E60 - 800 Grand Lake Road
Sydney, NS B1P 6S9
p. 902-539-5877


Ontario Dealers

Ajax, ON

  2001 Audio Video 170 Kingston Rd E
Ajax, ON L1Z 1E5
p. 905-426-7499


  BEST BUY Riocan Harwood Centre
20 Kingston Road West
Ajax, ON L1T 4K8
p. 905-619-6977


Ancaster, ON

  BEST BUY Meadowlands Centre
UNIT 1 - 14 Martindale Crescent
Ancaster, ON L9K 1J9
p. 905-304-7624


Aurora, ON

  BEST BUY Smartcentres Aurora East
UNIT 2 - 52 First Commerce Drive
Aurora, ON L4G 0H5
p. 905-751-1114


Barrie, ON

  2001 Audio Video 56 Barrie View Drive
Barrie, ON L4N 8V4
p. 705-726-3633


  BEST BUY Park Place
UNIT 2 - 80 Concert Way
Barrie, ON L4N 6N5
p. 705-797-5330


  Simcoe Audio Video 411 Bayfield St
Barrie, ON L4M 6E5
p. 705-737-1195  


Belleville, ON

  BEST BUY Quinte Crossroads
202 Bell Blvd
Belleville, ON K8P 5L8
p. 613-962-3495


  Red Ball Radio 6 N Front St
Belleville, ON K8P 3A7
p. 613-962-1333


Brampton, ON

  2001 Audio Video 40 Great Lake UNIT 4
Brampton, ON L6R 2K7
p. 905-799-2092


  BEST BUY Bramalea Centre Mall
UNIT 451 - 25 Peel Centre Drive
Brampton, ON L6T 3R5
p. 905-494-2179


Brantford, ON

  BEST BUY Parkway Mall
61 Lynden Road, Unit A
Brantford, ON N3R 7J9
p. 519-758-1911


  FM Audio Video 213 King George Rd
Brantford, ON N3R 6S8
p. 519-753-7006


Burlington, ON

  2001 Audio Video 3350 Fairview Street
Burlington, ON L7N 3L5
p. 905-637-2003


  BEST BUY UNIT 1 - 1200 Brant Street
Burlington, ON L7P 5C6
p. 905-332-4758


Cambridge, ON

  2001 Audio Video 55 Pinebush #500 BLDG C
Cambridge, ON N1R 8K5
p. 519-624-8791


  BEST BUY Smartcenters Cambridge
28 Pinebush Road
Cambridge, ON L7P 5C6
p. 905-332-4758


Chatham, ON

  Absolute Sound 87 Thames St
Chatham, ON N7L 1S4
p. 519-351-2423  


  BEST BUY Pioneer Square
802 St. Clair Street
Chatham, ON L7P 5C6
p. 519-354-5525


Concord, ON

  2001 Audio Video 9100 Jane Street UNITS 19-24
Concord, ON L4K 0A4
p. 905-761-7660


Cornwall, ON

  BEST BUY Brookdale Square
Unit 6 - 501 Tollgate Road West
Cornwall, ON K6H 0B4
p. 613-932-1058


East Gwillimbury, ON

  BEST BUY 175 Green Lane East
East Gwillimbury, ON L9N 0C9
p. 905-954-1262


East York, ON

  BEST BUY First Pro Leaside
147 Laird Drive
East York, ON M4G 4K1
p. 647-777-3196


Etobicoke, ON

  BEST BUY First Pro Queensway
167 North Queen Street
Etobicoke, ON M9C 1A7
p. 647-288-2300


Guelph, ON

  BEST BUY 151 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON N1G 5L4
p. 519-766-4660


Hamilton, ON

  BEST BUY Heritage Greene Town Centre
1779 Stone Church Road E
Hamilton, ON L8J 0B4
p. 905-667-1633


Kanata, ON

  BEST BUY 745 Kanata AVE
Kanata, ON K2T 1H9
p. 613-287-3912


Kingston, ON

  BEST BUY Riocan Centre Kingston
770 Gardiners Road
Kingston, ON K7M 3X9
p. 613-887-2599


Kitchener, ON

  2001 Audio Video 4396 King Street East
Kitchener, ON L4N 8V4
p. 519-650-2001


  BEST BUY 215 Fairway Road South
Kitchener, ON N2C 1X2
p. 519-783-0333


  Natural Sound 645 Victoria St N
Kitchener, ON N2H 5G3
p. 519-744-3111


London, ON

  2001 Audio Video 979 Wellington Road #18
London, ON N6E 3A9
p. 519-685-2001


  BEST BUY 1080 Wellington Road
London, ON N6E 1M2
p. 519-686-2160


  BEST BUY 1-1735 Richmond Street
London, ON N5X 3Y2
p. 519-963-8494


Markham, ON

  2001 Audio Video 8502 Woodbine AVE
Markham, ON L3R 4X7
p. 905-479-2001


  Automated Entertainment 300 Steel Case Rd W - Unit 20
Markham, ON L3R 2W2
p. 905-474-2103  


  BEST BUY Markville Shopping Centre
UNIT 2070L - 5000 HIGHWAY 7 EAST
Markham, ON L3R 4M9
p. 905-754-3025


  Kennedy Hi-Fi Home Audio & Video 4560 HWY 7 Eeast, UNIT 600
Markham, ON L3R 1M5
p. 905-474-0330  


Midland, ON

  Full Line Electronics 9170 County Rd 93
Midland, ON L0K 2E1
p. 705-526-7900


Milton, ON

  2001 Audio Video 1155 Maple #F1A
Milton, ON L9T 0A5
p. 905-864-9160


  BEST BUY Milton Plaza
1195 Maple Ave
Milton, ON L9T 0A5
p. 905-693-8601


Mississauga, ON

  2001 Audio Video 765 Britannia Road West
Mississauga, ON L5V 2Y1
p. 905-715-7577


  2001 Audio Video 1995 Dudas Street East
Mississauga, ON L4X 2X1
p. 905-629-2001


  BEST BUY 2975 Argentia Road
Mississauga, ON L5N OA2
p. 905-285-9948


  BEST BUY Hartland Town Centre
6075 Mavis Road UNIT 1
Mississauga, ON L5R 4G6
p. 905-361-8251


Mississauga, ON L4X 2X1
p. 905-672-9477  


Nepean, ON

  BEST BUY Barrhaven Town Centre
3777 Strandherd Drive
Nepean, ON K2J 4B1
p. 613-843-5625


  BEST BUY Marivale Plaza
1701 Marivale Road
Nepean, ON K2G 3K2
p. 613-212-0146


Newmarket, ON

  2001 Audio Video 18166 Yonge ST. #A10
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4Y8
p. 905-895-3661


  Liptons Audio Video Unlimited 130 Davis Dr
Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N1
p. 905-898-7133


North Bay, ON

  BEST BUY Northgate Plaza
1500 Fisher Street
North Bay, ON P1B 2H3
p. 705-472-2126


North York, ON

  BEST BUY Empress Walk
Suite A14 - 5095 Yonge Street
North York, ON M2N 6Z4
p. 416-642-7980


Oakville, ON

  2001 Audio Video 2431 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 6K7
p. 905-257-5701


  BEST BUY Winston Park Retail Centre
2500 Winston Park Drive Building A
Oakville, ON L6H 7E5
p. 905-829-2034


  Canadian Sound Limited 85 Navy St
Oakville, ON L6J 2Z2
p. 905-844-7600


Orangeville, ON

  2001 Audio Video 65 Fourth Ave- UNIT C2
Orangeville, ON L9W 1G7
p. 519-941-2041


  BEST BUY Fairgrounds Shopping Centre
95 First Street
Orangeville, ON L9W 2E8
p. 519-940-8206


Orillia, ON

  BEST BUY Westridge Place
Unit 1 - 3200 Monarch Drive
Orillia, ON L3V 8A2
p. 705-325-0519


Orleans, ON

  BEST BUY Unit C2 - 2020 Mer Bleue Road
Orleans, ON K4A 0G2
p. 613-830-2706


  Stereo Plus & Design 4366 Innes Rd
Orleans, ON K4A 3W3
p. 613-830-6787


Oshawa, ON

  BEST BUY First Pro Oshawa
1421 Harmony Road North
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K5
p. 905-433-4455


Ottawa, ON

  BEST BUY First Pro South Keys
2210 Bank Street; Unit B1
Ottawa, ON K1V 1J5
p. 613-526-7450


  BEST BUY 380 Conventry Road
Ottawa, ON K1K 2C6
p. 613-212-0333


  Vac-O-Bec 1275 Leeds Av
Ottawa, ON K1B 3W2
p. 613-748-7568  


Owen Sound, ON

  Powered Up Audio Video 669 10th St W
Owen Sound, ON N4K 3R8
p. 519-372-2122


Peterborough, ON

  BEST BUY 1101 Lansdowne Street West
Peterborough, ON K9J 7M2
p. 705-741-2081


  Kawartha TV & Stereo 188 Park St S
Peterborough, ON K9J 3S2
p. 705-740-0000


Richmond Hill, ON

  BEST BUY Bayview Glen
UNIT C - 225 High Tech Road
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0A6
p. 905-695-3906


Sarnia, ON

  BEST BUY 1380 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, ON N7S 3X9
p. 519-542-4388


Sault Ste. Marie, ON

  BEST BUY 548 Great Northern Road
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 4Z9
p. 705-942-0722


Scarborough, ON

  BEST BUY Scarborough Town Centre
480 Progress Ave
Scarborough, ON M1P 5J1
p. 416-296-7020


  BEST BUY Eglinton Corners
50 Ashtonbee Road UNIT 2
Scarborough, ON M1L 4R5
p. 416-646-6726


  2001 Audio Video 1420 Kennedy Road
Scarborough, ON M1P 2L7
p. 416-755-2001


  2001 Audio Video 20 Lebovic AVE
Scarborough, ON M1L 4V9
p. 416-757-2008


  2001 Audio Video 5985 Steels AVE E.
Scarborough, ON M1V 5P7
p. 416-299-7352


Southampton, ON

  BEST BUY Advanced Technologies
221 Adelaide Street
Southampton, ON N0H 2L0
p. 519-483-3160


St. Catharines, ON

  BEST BUY First Pro Garden City
BLDG L - UNIT 1 - 420 Vansickle Road
St. Catharines, ON L2S 0C7
p. 905-378-0333


  Gibbys Electronic Supermarket 55 Geneva St
St. Catharines, ON L2R 4M6
p. 905-685-7611


St. Thomas, ON

  Century Sound Inc. 930 Talbot St
St. Thomas, ON N5P 1E7
p. 519-633-5404


Stratford, ON

  Stereo Plus Stratford 570 Huron St
Stratford, ON N5A 5T9
p. 519-273-7222


Sturgeon Falls, ON

  Stereo Plus Sturgeon Falls 187 King St
Sturgeon Falls, ON P2B 1R6
p. 705-753-0832


Sudbury, ON

  BEST BUY Silver Hills Centre
1099 Marcus Drive
Sudbury, ON P3B 4K6
p. 705-664-0070


  Professional Sound Audio/Video 1897 Regent St
Sudbury, ON P3E 3Z7
p. 705-522-6708


Thornhill, ON

  Toronto Home Of Audiophile Ltd 100 Steeles Ave W
Thornhill, ON L4J 7Y1
p. 905-881-0101


Thunder Bay, ON

  BEST BUY Memorial Plaza
1-767 Memorial Avenue
Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3Z7
p. 807-346-1900


Timmins, ON

  BEST BUY 1390 Riverside Drive
Timmins, ON P4R 1A5
p. 705-268-9111


Toronto, ON

  2001 Audio Video 953 Eglinton AVE East
Toronto, ON M4G 4B5
p. 416-422-2004


  2001 Audio Video 81 Gerry Fizgerald UNIT #7
Toronto, ON M3J 3N4
p. 416-663-2001


  Altronics Stereo 2000 2889 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M8X 1B2
p. 416-233-8906


  BEST BUY First Pro North York
Unit 2-4 - 2625A Weston Road
Toronto, ON M9N 3V8
p. 416-242-6162


  BEST BUY 2400 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4P 2H4
p. 416-489-4726


  BEST BUY 10 Old Stock Yards Road
Toronto, ON M6N 5G8
p. 416-766-1577


  BEST BUY 695 Willson Avenue
Toronto, ON M3K 1E3
p. 416-635-6574


  BEST BUY Toronto Eaton Centre
65 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M5G 2C3
p. 416-642-8321


  Brentview Electronics 554 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto, ON M4S 2M6
p. 416-487-1178


  Musonic Audio Video 4587 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON M1E 2P3
p. 416-284-1618


Uxbridge, ON

  Audio Vision Plus 953 Eglinton AVE East
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1P6
p. 905-852-3855


Walkerton, ON

  HDTV and Electronics 110 Jackson Street South
Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0
p. 519-507-4388


Waterloo, ON

  BEST BUY Kingspoint Centre
580 King Street North, Bldg. B
Waterloo, ON P4R 1A5
p. 519-886-1073


Whitby, ON

  2001 Audio Video 4160 Baldwin Street S
Whitby, ON L1R 3H8
p. 905-655-2251


  BEST BUY 1751 Victoria Street East
Whitby, ON L1N 9W4
p. 905-674-1055


Windsor, ON

  BEST BUY Walker Road Shopping Centre
4379 Walker Road
Windsor, ON N8W 3T6
p. 519-967-2070


  Disc 'N Dat Custom Electronics 1740 Manning Rd
Windsor, ON N8N 2L9
p. 519-972-1555


  Stereoland 1251 Ottawa St
Windsor, ON N8X 2E5
p. 519-253-7206


Woodbridge, ON

  2001 Audio Video 7887 Weston Road
Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6
p. 905-264-0300


  BEST BUY First Pro Piazza Del Sole
7850 Weston Road Bldg E Unit 1
Woodbridge, ON L4L 9N8
p. 905-264-3191


Prince Edward Island Dealers

Charlottetown, PEI

  BEST BUY First Pro Charlottetown
191 Buchanan Drive
Charlottetown, PEI C1E 2E4
p. 902-626-2081


Québec Dealers

Amos, QC

  Stereo Plus Amos 141 1re Avenue E
Amos, QC J9T 1H4
p. 819-732-6234


Amqui, QC

  Stereo Plus Amqui 33 Rue des Forges
Amqui, QC G5J 3A5
p. 418-629-2400


Anjou, QC

  BEST BUY 7400 Boul. des Roseraies
Anjou, QC H1M 3X8
p. 514-356-2168


  BEST BUY Les Galeries D'Anjou
7200 BLVD Des Roserais
Anjou, QC H1M 2T5
p. 514-787-2000


  Électronique Hi-Fi 8101 Alfred
Anjou, QC H1J 1J3
p. 514-677-4434


Beloeil, QC

  Audiophile Experts 67 Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier
Beloeil, QC J3G 4G2
p. 450-467-8273


Beloeil, QC J3G 4J2
p. 450-467-8559


Boisriand, QC

Boisriand, QC J7H 0A2
p. 450-420-3999


Blainville, QC

  Quebec Acoustique 643 Boulevard Curé-Labelle
Blainville, QC J7C 2J3
p. 450-508-2150


Brossard, QC

  BEST BUY UNIT 100 - 8480 BLVD Leduc
Brossard, QC J4Y 0K7
p. 450-766-2300


  Brault & Martineau 9500 Bd Taschereau
Brossard, QC J4X 2W2
p. 450-619-6777


Brossard, QC J4Y 0E6
p. 450-462-2155


Chambly, QC

  BEST BUY 450 Boulevard Brassard Unit 100
Chambly, QC J3L 6K4
p. 450-658-1295


Chicoutimi, QC

  BEST BUY Place du Royaume
1401 boul. Talbot
Chicoutimi, QC G7H 4C1
p. 418-698-6701


  Centre Hi-Fi 1840 Boulevard Talbot
Chicoutimi, QC G7H 7Y2
p. 418-698-6938


  Magary Electronique Inc 1323 Boulevard Saint-Paul
Chicoutimi, QC G7J 3Y2
p. 418-543-2168



  Centre Hi-Fi 3956 AUTOROUTE 440
p. 450-688-0561


Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi 1255 Boulevard Wallberg
Dolbeau-Mistassini, QC G8L 1H3
p. 418-276-6794


Drummondville, QC

  BEST BUY Mega Centre Drummondville
850 Rue Hains
Drummondville, QC J2C 5N9
p. 819-472-1817


  Stereo Plus Drummondville 700, boul. René-Lévesque, suite 101
Drummondville, QC J2C 7A7
p. 819-478-3314


Gatineau, QC

  BEST BUY Les Galeries Gatineau
920 Maloney Blvd West
Gatineau, QC J8T 3R6
p. 819-966-2222


  Brault & Martineau 500 BOUL. De La Gappe
Gatineau, QC J8T 8A8
p. 819-561-5007


Granby, QC

  BEST BUY Les Galeries Granby
90 Rue Simonds Nord
Granby, QC J2J 2L1
p. 450-372-0883


  Centre Hi-Fi 40 RUE EVANGELINE
Granby, QC J2G 8K1
p. 450-776-1255


  SONXPLUS - Granby 39 Rue Évangéline
Granby, QC J2G 6N4
p. 450-378-9816


Grand-Mère, QC

  Centre HiFi 2601 6e Avenue
Grand-Mère, QC G9T 2L1
p. 819-533-5533


Greenfield Park, QC

  BEST BUY 1800 Auguste Street
Greenfield Park, QC J4V 3R4
p. 450-443-3817


Hatley, QC

  Audiobec Sono Vidéo 65 530 Haskell Hill
Hatley, QC J0B 2C0
p. 819-820-5423


Joliette, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi 75 BABY
Joliette, QC J6E 2V4
p. 450-867-0578


  SONXPLUS - Joliette 58 Baby
Joliette, QC J6E 2V5
p. 450-759-3204


  Stereo Plus Joliette 50 Rue Gauthier N
Joliette, QC J6E 1V1
p. 450-755-1696


Kirkland, QC

  Brault & Martineau 16 975 Transcanadienne Road
Kirkland, QC H9H 5J1
p. 514-697-9228



p. 450-585-7109


Lasalle, QC

  BEST BUY Carrefour Angrignon
7077 BOUL. Newman
Lasalle, QC H8N 1X1
p. 514-368-6570


  Brault & Martineau 7272 BOUL. Newman
Lasalle, QC H8N 1X2
p. 514-364-6110


  Centre Hi-Fi 6807 BOUL. NEWMAN
Lasalle, QC H8N 3E4
p. 514-366-0714


Laval, QC

  BEST BUY Centre Laval
1560 Le Corbusier Blvd
Laval, QC H7S 1Y8
p. 450-781-2030


  Brault & Martineau 500 Le Corbusier Blvd
Laval, QC H7N 6K6
p. 450-682-2516


  Centre Hi-Fi 1350 BOUL.LE CORBUSIER, LOCAL C-1
Laval, QC H7N 0A7
p. 450-688-4000



  Centre Hi-Fi 6925 JEAN TALON EAST ST
p. 514-257-4434


Mascouche, QC

  BEST BUY First Pro Mascouche
Building C, Unit 2, 113 Montee Masson
Mascouche, QC J7K 3B4
p. 450-966-9343


Montmagny, QC

  Stereo Plus Montmagny 4 Boulevard Taché O
Montmagny, QC G5V 3A1
p. 418-248-1071


Montreal, QC

  BEST BUY 470 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest
Montreal, QC H3B 1A6
p. 514-393-2600


  BEST BUY Marche Central
8871 De L'acadie BLVD
Montreal, QC H4N 3K1
p. 514-905-4269


  Brault & Martineau 8500 Place Marien
Montreal, QC H1B 5W8
p. 514-648-5757


  Brault & Martineau 6700 Rue Jean-Talon E
Montreal, QC H1S 1N1
p. 514-254-9455


  Centre Hi-Fi 9610 BOUL LACADIE
Montreal, QC H4N 1L8
p. 514-387-0202


  Clef de Sol 6278 ST. Hubert
Montreal, QC H2S 2M2
p. 514-276-1413


  Kébecson 6555 ST-Denis
Montreal, QC H2S 2S1
p. 514-270-7900


  Kébecson 6555 ST-Denis
Montreal, QC H2S 2S1
p. 514-270-7900


Mont-Tremblant, QC

  Centre Electronique St-Jovite 1208 Rue de Saint Jovite
Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 3J9
p. 819-425-8564


Pointe-Claire, QC

  BEST BUY Fairview Pointe-Claire Shopping Centre
6815 Trans-Canada Hwy
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1C4
p. 514-782-2400


  Centre Hi-Fi 979 BOUL. ST-JEAN
Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5K3
p. 514-695-9135


Quebec, QC

  Architexaudio 2225 Avenue Chauveau bureau 101
Quebec, QC G2C 1B2
p. 418-561-1437


  BEST BUY Place Laurier
UNIT 2290 - 2700 BOUL. Laurier
Quebec, QC G1V 2L8
p. 418-266-1819


  BEST BUY Les Galeries De La Capitale
5401 BOUL. Des Galeries
Quebec, QC G2K 1N4
p. 418-266-1367


  Installations Domosys Inc 945 Rue Newton Bur 130
Quebec, QC G1P 4M3
p. 418-780-8585  


  Clef de Sol 840 Rue Bouviert
Quebec, QC G2J 1A3
p. 418-627-0840


  Maison Adam 710 Rue Bouvier
Québec, QC G2J 1C2
p. 418-628-9000


Repentigny, QC

  Brault & Martineau 145 Rue De La Layette
Repentigny, QC J6A 8K3
p. 450-470-0815


  Centre Hi-Fi 100 BOUL BRIEN, LOCAL 001A
Repentigny, QC J6A 5N4
p. 450-654-5997


Rimouski, QC

  BEST BUY SmartCentres Rimouski
387 Montee Industrielle-et-Commerciale
Rimouski, QC G5M 1Y1
p. 418-731-2933


  SONXPLUS - Rimouski 150 Ave Belzile
Rimouski, QC G5L 3E4
p. 418-723-2039


Riviere-du-Loup, QC

  SONXPLUS - Riviere-du-Loup 79 Fraser
Riviere-du-Loup, QC G5R 1C5
p. 418-863-5137


Rosemere, QC

  BEST BUY Place Rosemere
UNIT M-20 - 401 Labelle Blvd
Rosemere, QC J7A 3T2
p. 450-420-1464


Rouyn Noranda, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi Rouyn Noranda 463 Avenue Larivière
Rouyn Noranda, QC J9X 4J2
p. 819-764-6920



  Centre Hi-Fi 600 BOUL LAURIER, RT 116
p. 450-462-7474


Saint Hyacinthe, QC

  SONXPLUS - Saint Hyacinthe 2145 ST ANNE
Saint Hyacinthe, QC J2S 5H5
p. 450-774-0433


  Centre Hi-Fi 3200 BOUL LAFRAMBOISE
Saint Hyacinthe, QC J2S 4Z5
p. 450-771-1120


Saint-Bruno, QC

  BEST BUY Les Promenades Saint-Bruno
1235 BOUL. Les Promenades
Saint-Bruno, QC J3V 6H1
p. 450-461-1557


Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC

  Stéréo Plus 217 Rue Principale E
Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, QC J8C 1K5
p. 819-323-4417


Sainte-Catherine, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi Groupe Sélect 5210 Rte 132
Sainte-Catherine, QC J5C 1L8
p. 450-638-1110


Saint-Hubert, QC

  Brault & Martineau 1351 BOUL. Des Promenades
Saint-Hubert, QC J3Y 5K2
p. 450-676-1911


  Stéréo Plus 1949 F.X. Sabourin Street
Saint-Hubert, QC J3Z 0B3
p. 405-443-5575


Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

  BEST BUY Carrefour Richelieu
600 Rue Pierre-Caisse, Unit 4000
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3A 1M1
p. 450-359-9638


Saint-Nicolas, QC

  TML INFORMATIQUE INC. 425 Rue Des Chutes Suite 101
Saint-Nicolas, QC G7A 1E7
p. 418-380-2229  


Senneterre, QC

  Stereo Plus Senneterre 712 10 IEM AVE
Senneterre, QC J0Y 2M0
p. 819-737-3003


Shawinigan, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi 4370 BOUL. Royal
Shawinigan, QC G9N 7X7
p. 819-539-0808


Sherbrooke, QC

  BEST BUY Carrefour de L'Estrie
3450 Boulevard de Portland
Sherbrooke, QC J1L 2A6
p. 819-347-3275


  Brault & Martineau 3950 BOUL. Joshaphat-Rancourt
Sherbrooke, QC J1L 3C6
p. 819-562-4242


  Stereo Plus Sherbrooke 5087 BOUL. Bourque
Sherbrooke, QC J1N 2K6
p. 819-569-4242


Sorel-Tracy, QC

  Stereo Plus Sorel-Tracy 375 Rue Du College
Sorel-Tracy, QC J1N 2K6
p. 819-569-4242


St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi 600 Rue Pierre Caisse
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3A 1M1
p. 450-741-1438


  Centre Hi-Fi 391 BOUL. Du Seminaire
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 8C5
p. 450-348-9377


  Stereo Plus St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 989 BOUL Du Seminaire N
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3A 1K1
p. 450-349-1199


St. Jerome, QC

  BEST BUY SmartCentres St. Jerome
1040 boulevard du Grand-Heron
St. Jerome, QC J7Y 5K8
p. 450-710-2037


  Centre Hi-Fi 900 BOUL GRIGNON, LOC 780
St. Jerome Carrefour, QC J7Y 3S7
p. 450-436-5939


  Centre Hi-Fi 1050 BOUL GRAND-HERON
St. Jerome, QC J3Y 3S7
p. 450-592-7595


Ste-Therse, QC

  Brault & Martineau 125 BOUL. Desjardins Est
Ste-Therse, QC J7E 1C5
p. 450-430-0555


St-Felicien, QC

  SONXPLUS - St-Felicien 1130 BOUL. St-Felicien
St-Felicien, QC G8K 2X8
p. 418-679-5408


Terrebonne, QC

  Add-Tronique 1750, chemin Gascon
Terrebonne, QC J6X 3A4
p. 450-964-4499


  BEST BUY Les Galeries de Lanaudiere
790 Montee des Pionniers
Terrebonne, QC J6V 1N9
p. 450-470-9636


  Centre Hi-Fi 1424 BOUL MOODY
Terrebonne, QC J6W 3K9
p. 450-964-2241


Trois-Rivières, QC

  BEST BUY Carrefour Trois-Rivières-Ouest
Unit 900A - 4520 boulevard de Recollets
Trois-Rivières, QC G9A 4N2
p. 819-379-6161


  Centre Hi-Fi 2255 BOUL. DES RECOLLETS
Trois-Rivières, QC G8Z 3X6
p. 819-693-4755


  Stereo Plus CAP-DE-LA-MADELEINE 345 BOUL. Thibeau
Trois-Rivières, QC G8T 6Y6
p. 819-379-4366


  Stereo Plus TROIS-RIVIERES OUEST 5715 BOUL Gene H. Kruger
Trois-Rivières, QC G9A 4N9
p. 819-374-6323


Valleyfield, QC

Valleyfield, QC J6S 5R1
p. 450-371-3500


  Stereo Plus Valleyfield 3225 BOUL. MGR. Langlois
Valleyfield, QC J6S 5H9
p. 450-371-0931


Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC

  BEST BUY 3090 boulevard de la Gare
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC J7V 0H1
p. 450-455-8434


  Centre Hi-Fi 3210 BOUL.DE LA GARE / BUREAU 150
Vaudreuil, QC J7V 8W5
p. 450-218-0505


Victoriaville, QC

  Centre Hi-Fi 111 BOUL. Jutras Est Local M6
Victoriaville, QC G6S 1C1
p. 819-357-2208


  SONXPLUS - Victoriaville 551 BOUL. Bois-Franc Sud
Victoriaville, QC G6P 5X6
p. 819-357-3506


Saskatchewan Dealers

Prince Albert, SK

  BEST BUY Cornerstone Prince Albert
#300 - 800 15th Street East
Prince Albert, SK J7V 0H1
p. 450-455-8434


Regina, SK

  BEST BUY Regina East Shopping Centre
2125 Prince of Wales Drive
Regina, SK S4V 3A4
p. 306-546-0100


  Harry's Hi-Fi Ltd 1437 Rose St
Regina, SK S4R 2A1
p. 306-522-2668


  London Drugs First Regina East
2072 Prince of Wales Drive
Regina, SK S4V 3A6
p. 306-546-1617


  London Drugs Grasslands
4800 Gordon Road
Regina, SK S4W 0B7
p. 306-949-1986


  Visions Electronics 2530 Victoria Ave E
Regina, SK S4N 6M5
p. 306-790-7755


  Visions Electronics 4425 Rochdale Blvd
Regina, SK S4X 4R3
p. 306-586-2111


  Visions Electronics 555 Park Street
Regina, SK S4N 5B2


Saskatoon, SK

  BEST BUY Preston Crossing Shopping Centre
#221 - 1723 Preston Ave. North
Saskatoon, SK S7N 4V2
p. 306-955-6800


  BEST BUY The Centre at Circle and Eighth
3310 8TH Street East Unit 20A
Saskatoon, SK S7H 5M3
p. 306-667-0350


  Krazy Kileys 108 Ave D S
Saskatoon, SK S7M 1P6
p. 306-244-1300


  London Drugs 2323 8th Street east
Saskatoon, SK S7H 0V4
p. 306-664-9500


  London Drugs Lawson Heights
134 Primrose Drive
Saskatoon, SK S7K 5S6
p. 306-975-0740


  Visions Electronics 2731 Faithfull Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 7C3
p. 306-664-3666


  Visions Electronics 2914 Miners Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 4Z7
p. 306 242 3177


  Visions Electronics 1730 Alberta Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1R7


Weyburn, SK

  New Age Electronics 300 Railway Ave
Weyburn, SK S7N 4V2
p. 306-842-0488


Yorkton, SK

  Mr Stereo (1988) Ltd 295 Broadway Street West
Yorkton, SK S3N 0N7
p. 306-782-4777