How can I reduce the echo effect on the Bluetooth?

To help reduce the echo effect present in some cellular systems, try the following:

1. Place the microphone directly in front of you. If possible, place it on the steering wheel column back near the instrument panel.

2. Lower the phone volume settings within the Pioneer unit.

3. For the AVIC-Z1, set the Blue-tooth sound to only come out of the right front speaker.

4. For the DEH-P9800BT, select Echo Cancel via the Multi-control knob.

5. For the CD-BTB100, when connected to the AVH-P6800DVD or the AVH-P7800DVD, you would select Echo Cancel from the Function menu.

These steps will help reduce the echo effect to a certain level. It may not be possible to remove the echo effect with some phones. If the problem continues, please try multiple phones. For additional assistance, please contact our Product Support at 1-800-421-1404

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