Feeling bored? Need an extreme-audio fix? Open the DEH-P840MP's motorized flap face and spin up one of your WMA- or MP3-encoded discs. Or pop in a regular CD, CD-R, or CD-RW: the DEH-P840MP plays them all, and it also controls Pioneer CD changers. Want a big jolt of color and motion in your dash? The Organic Electroluminescent (OEL) display is a killer, with full-motion and 3D graphics and a wide viewing angle. And when the motorized flap face is open, the OEL's dual display areas provide you with two sets of info. MOSFET 50 watts x 4 power keeps things rocking, and if you want to add amps, there are three pair of Hi-Volt (4V) RCA pre-outs at your disposal. The DEH-P840MP is XM Ready and comes with a steering wheel remote. The Premier two-year limited warranty applies.
Premier® CD Receiver with Dual Display (LED and Organic EL), MOSFET50, EEQ™/SFEQ, Supertuner® III™, MP3 / WMA Playback, IP-Bus System Control, XM Ready, Steering Wheel Remote, Rotary Volume Control, Flap Face, Detachable Face Security™ and Hi-Volt Preouts

General Features
  • MOSFET 50W x 4
  • XM Satellite Radio Ready
    • Controls optional GEX-P900XM or GEX-FM903XM Satellite Radio tuners (as XM source)
    • 8-character display for XM Radio text (no scroll)
  • Steering Wheel Remote
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • EEQ Performance Chip
    • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer (Adjustable Level, Frequency and Q Factor)
    • Easy EQ (EEQ) switches 5 Factory, 2 User EQ Presets (Super Bass, Powerful, Natural, Vocal, Flat, Custom 1 and Custom 2)
    • Source Custom EQ Memory (Independent Custom Memory for each source)
    • Selectable Loudness Control (Low/Mid/High/Off)
  • SFEQ (Sound Focus EQ)
    • Additional Independent Bass / Treble Control for Front / Rear
  • Two-Way Crossover
    • Front/Rear HPF (50/80/125Hz, -12dB/oct)
    • Selectable LPF (Low Pass Filter) (50/80/125Hz, -18dB/oct)
    • Sub-Out Level (-12dB to +12dB) and Phase Control
    • Independent Subwoofer Outputs
  • IP-Bus System Control
    • MCD Control
    • TV Tuner Control
    • Auxiliary Input (CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 required)
    • 2 External Unit Control
  • S.L.A. (Source Level Adjustment)
  • ASL (Auto Sound Levelizer)
  • Selectable Fader Control
  • Hi-volt RCA Preouts (x3 pair, Front, Rear & Sub) (4V)
  • Dual Motion, Dual Display Motorization swings open to reveal "hidden" Organic EL display
  • Dual Display - 8 Character LCD Display plus Organic EL (128x33) Display
    • 8-character LCD with LED backlighting on front faceplate
    • Organic EL (128x33) Display on rear faceplate
    • OEL display features Full-motion 3D graphic animations including:
      • 2 screensavers (Jet Ski, Import Tuner)
      • 2 Spectrum Analyzers and 3 Level Meters
      • 6 background animations
      • Clock Display and Off (Text-only) modes
    • 16-character text display capability
    • Adjustable brightness level (16-mode)
  • Cellular Mute Capability (CD-CM1 required)
  • Clock
  • Premier® 2-Year Warranty
Compact Disc
  • Track Scan/Pause/Repeat/Random Play
  • Audible Fast-Forward/Reverse
  • Playback Compatible with Digital CD-R and CD-RW
  • Disc Title Memory (48 Discs)
  • CD Text
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) & MP3 CD-ROM Playback
  • 8x oversampling
  • 3-beam laser pick-up
  • 1-bit D/A Converter
  • Anti-shock mechanism
  • DIN Mountable
  • Detachable Face (faceplate carrying case included)
  • Motorized Flap Face
  • Supertuner® III™
  • 24-Station/6-Button (18FM/6AM) Presets
  • BSM (Best Station Memory)
  • Up/Down Seek with Selectable Local Seek Tuning