6-Disc IP-Bus Multi-CD Player

  • Increasingly difficult to find in stores - get yours today direct from Pioneer!

It's great music x 6 with the CDX-P680 6-CD Changer. You can control it with any Pioneer "IP-Bus" headunit (look for the "P" in the model number) and the headunit's remote control. This changer plays CD Audio, CD-R, and CD-RW discs, and has an 8x oversampling filter and a 1-bit D/A converter for clean, powerful music. Its memory can store the names of up to 100 CDs, and it mounts in multiple angles (vertical, horizontal, etc.) to best suit your vehicle.

CD Player
  • 6
  • 100 Discs
  • 100 Discs
  • Yes
  • JD612V
  • 1 Year