The first-ever line of serious dance gear built
to inspire dancers just like you

Unique features for training, rehearsing
and competing — every way you move

High-powered audio performance infused
with an exclusive dance EQ

Everything you need to flaunt your skills,
no matter how or where you dance

The Advantage

Not just a pretty face, STEEZ gets down to serious business with exclusive dance
features ? taking your performance to a whole new level.

Tempo control

Your dance, your pace. Slow the music down to learn the moves or speed it up for a true test.

Custom cues

Practice makes perfect. Set a cue point to easily return to a specific point in your song. Or use 8-Beat Skip to go forward or back by eight counts.

Instant battles

Show off. Start a dance battle anywhere, any time. STEEZ is the emcee, complete with voice prompts and countdown.

Boost the beat

Let the beat move you ? and your audience. STEEZ intensifies the beat so you can punctuate your moves.

Non-stop mixes

Keep it moving. Auto DJ Mix automatically creates non-stop mixes by genre, complete with transition effects and beat matching.

Remote Control

Control it all in the palm of your hand with a slim remote that moves with you.

The Lineup

Crew Details Duo Details Solo Details


Big. Bad. Bold.. Crew is ideal for dance teams, instructors and choreographers looking for the ultimate dance gear.

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From street to studio, Duo is the go-anywhere model for individuals and small groups.

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Lightweight, compact, powerful. Solo gets you moving by transforming your room into an on-demand rehearsal space, helping you build your skills and tighten your moves.

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