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Absolutely stunning inside & out

Increased Dynamic Range

Pioneer developed 4”, two-way concentric drivers that provide the same sonic signature and better timbre matching than other brands resulting in a richer audio experience.


A top firing concentric driver
creating a true 3D space
putting you directly inside
the experience.

Deeper Bass

From shimmering highs, detailed
midrange and truly authoritative
bottom end, these speakers deliver
seamless bass control.

Curved Wood

Gently curved sides eliminate
standing waves encountered in
typical square-box designs.

Sturdy Base

Minimize internal and external
vibrations while maintaining a
small footprint in your space.

This generation of Elite home theater speakers delivers the sound quality and affordability that continues the tradition of excellence that excites and surprises novices and audiophiles alike. Redesigned for higher accuracy and smoother response, these speakers better handle anything from the most subtle music passages to the extreme demands of multichannel movie soundtracks.

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Complete your entertainment setup

Compliment your speaker system with perfectly matched Pioneer components. Choose from a superb selection of home-essential Pioneer Elite or Pioneer AV Receivers, for the ultimate audiophile experience. Finalize your setup with Pioneer Elite Blu-ray disc players for exceptional video quality, more color support and the most popular high-resolution audio formats available.