Foldable headphones with audiophile sound production.

  • 40 mm driver for flawless reproduction.
  • Aluminum membrane for pristine high frequency quality at all listening levels
  • PEEK film edge guarantees straight and smooth mid-low frequencies.


Suggested Price: $349.99


Everything: the headband, the resin hanger arms and the earpieces themselves have been designed to reproduce top quality sound for a very long time. With the Pioneer logo machined into the earpieces, the finish is neat and stylish.

The SE-MJ591's newly developed 40 mm driver reproduces sound quality just as it has been recorded. An aluminium vibrating plate for crystal clear high frequency detail at all listening levels, whereas a PEEK film edge enforces the headphones' faithful sound reproduction by guaranteeing straight and smooth mid-low frequencies.

Ample head and ear padding fit superbly well on top of the head as well as over the ears.

There is a detachable single side cord for direct connection to audio source devices. The foldable headphones come with a protective box and carrying case to keep them safe at all times.