7.1-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver

  • Network Ready with AirPlay® & PC Music Streaming
  • FREE Remote Control App for Apple & Select AndroidTM Devices, "ControlApp"
  • Multi-Zone Audio Output for Custom Integration



Giving you the power to take your home theater performance to the next level. Introducing the Pioneer Elite VSX-42 Audio Video Receiver.

The VSX-42 delivers stellar home theater performance, bringing the latest technological advances in an elegant package. With 560 watts of clear audio reproduction, the VSX-42 gives you connectivity options for your latest high-definition home theater components, and digital 1080p video from any source.

Stay Connected to Your Mobile Devices

The VSX-42 is ready to bring you entertainment from new sources such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, select Android™ devices and thumb drives. It's the next step in a tradition of firsts, starting as a leader in embracing the Apple® lifestyle. Specifically designed to be compatible with iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® devices, your receiver comes with a front panel USB port and USB/video cable to access all your music, videos, streaming content, and photos without buying a separate dock. And new for 2012, the USB port has been upgraded to handle uncompressed 192KHz/24-bit FLAC and WAV music files for true audiophile-level performance.

Plus, since your iPhone, iPod and iPad charge automatically when connected, it's the ultimate plug-and-play integration with your home theater. Enjoy music with iTunes® album art, share videos and movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, web content from YouTube® and much more. Got a call? Your iPhone mutes when you receive it. When it comes to control, use the Apple device directly or push a single button on the VSX-42's front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and intuitive on-screen menu.

made for ipod iphone ipad


With AirPlay, stream music from iTunes to the VSX-42 and play it through your home theater system without docks or cables. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via Ethernet, and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple device or networked computer.

You can stream your music straight from your PC or Mac®, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch® to the VSX-42 at the touch of a button. Listen to your favorite song in your car using your iPhone, leave your car mid song and walk into your home. Using the AirPlay icon on your iPhone, select the VSX-42. When you do, it’ll power up automatically and continue your favorite song right where you left off.

You can even view song title, artist, track time as well as album art on an HDMI connected TV. With AirPlay, just because your iTunes music is on your computer doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

Connect to Your PC Music Files or Internet Radio

The VSX-42's networking ability opens up an entirely new world of possibilities. A rear panel Ethernet port allows full integration into your home network, with Windows® 7 and DLNA® 1.5 certification, a whole new level of entertainment options are at your fingertips. Stream your MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, or even FLAC music files from your PC, laptop or smartphone to your home theater system.

With vTuner®, the VSX-42 lets you enjoy thousands of Internet radio stations from around the world. You can also access your Pandora Radio music service complete with on-screen album art and song information.

Plus, download Pioneer’s exclusive Air Jam application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices which allows up to four Apple devices to be paired via Bluetooth. Choose songs from your device to add to the group playlist to playback on the VSX-42. Like a song your friend added? Select it and buy it from iTunes, or watch the music video on YouTube.

Unleash Your Smartphone's Music with Bluetooth®

The VSX-42 is fully ready for wireless Bluetooth audio from virtually any A2DP profile Bluetooth device. With the Pioneer AS-BT200 Bluetooth adapter (sold separately), you can untether yourself from cables and inputs. Plus you'll enjoy enriched quality with Sound Retriever AIR technology, created specifically to enhance Bluetooth audio.

Ultimate Sound Control

With 7 channel power, the audio experience has never been clearer or more realistically reproduced. The VSX-42 supports formats like Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD® Master Audio to give your Blu-ray Disc™ soundtracks unsurpassed audio quality. Pioneer also includes all of the Dolby and DTS surround formats, including the newest Dolby Pro Logic® IIz height channel.

The VSX-42 also features Pioneer's exclusive Auto Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration system (MCACC). Using measurements from every speaker’s connection, noting size and distance from the listening point as well as sound levels and timbre, it gives you a calibrated and customized multi-channel listening experience.

Filling in areas where minute details were left out during the compression process, even compressed audio like WMA, MP3 and AAC is enhanced with another Pioneer exclusive, Advanced Sound Retriever.

Versatile Speaker Configuration

With 7 channels of amplification, and 9 channels of speaker connection, the VSX-42 lets you decide the speaker set-up you want. Go with a conventional 7.1 surround sound system with surround back speakers, or try a front height experience. Or go with a 7.1 system in the living room and assign optional amplification to a set of B speakers in another room.

Next-Generation Ready with the Latest HDMI® Technology

All of Pioneer's newest receivers support the latest HDMI specifications. So not only do you get the most out of your existing movies and music, with the VSX-42 you're prepared for the new generation of 3D video content. With 6 HDMI inputs, you've got plenty of connectivity options for the growing number of high-definition sources available. All Pioneer receivers also offer advanced HDMI conveniences like Audio Return Channel and HDMI Standby Through.

Spectacular 1080p High-definition Video

With Anchor Bay® video processing, the VSX-42 converts analog video sources to HDMI for one-wire high definition convenience. For lower resolution video, advanced video processing lets you upscale your picture to digital 1080p to best match the native resolution of your HDTV. With the VSX-42's superior video processing, you know the picture will be stunning, regardless of the source.

Pioneer ControlApp

Control your VSX-42 with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device or Android Smartphone from your home network with Pioneer’s exclusive ControlApp. Amaze friends and family as you take full control of your home theater sound in a whole new way.

More Control Features

Control is one of the most critical aspects of the home theater experience. And the Elite VSX-42 makes sure you can customize and fine-tune your home theater experience to exactly the way you enjoy it most.

The VSX-42 features IR In and Out to allow you to connect multiple home theater components and control them with one IR remote, making it easier to integrate your audio video receiver into a complete home entertainment solution.

Additionally, a 12-volt trigger gives you the ability to connect components such as a screen or projector to your home theater and have the VSX-42 switch these components on and off when you select them as an input.

Ideal for Custom Home Theater Installation

The Elite series was designed with an eye toward custom-installed home theater solutions, with features to match. Multi-zone capability with support for Zone2 pre-out and volume control allows you to watch movies or listen to music in two rooms at once. The VSX-42 is compatible with popular "whole-house" entertainment systems such as Crestron, AMX, Control 4, Universal, Savant, and RTI, and its IP capabilities allow users to control their entertainment system via a home network.

The VSX-42 is the perfect solution for a 7.1 home theater with standard custom installation capabilities.


  • Direct Energy
  • 7.1
  • 80 x 7 (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
  • 520 Watts
Handheld and Internet
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad
  • 4th gen Nano and above / iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 / iPad, iPad2
  • ControlApp (iPad, iPhone, Android)
  • vTuner
  • Yes
  • MP3, WMA, iPod Digital, WAV 192kHz, FLAC 192kHz, JPEG
  • LPCM, WAV 192kHz, MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC 192kHz
Decoders & Formats
  • TI Aureus
  • Yes
Soundfield Calibration
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 5
  • 1
  • .1 Ft
Listening Modes
  • 2 Channel
  • Direct / Pure Direct
  • 9 + Headphone Surround
  • Yes
Audio Features
  • 2 Channel
  • 2 Channel
  • 2 Channel
  • 9-Frames
Video Processing
  • Anchor Bay up to 1080p
  • 6 In / 1 Out
  • AS-BT200 / Air Jam App
  • 1 In
  • Front USB / Composite Video
  • Yes (MP3 / WMA / WAV 192kHz / FLAC 192kHz, JPEG)
  • 2 In
  • 1 In
  • 2 In
  • .1 (Sub)
  • USB / Composite Video
  • 30
  • GUI with Album Art
  • 2 Zone Audio
  • BD, DVD, DVR/BDR, Sat/CBL, Game, Video, CD, TV
  • 1 (50mA)
  • 1 In / 1 Out
  • No
  • USB (BridgeCo)
  • Surround Back / Front Height / Speaker B
  • Preset
  • Hairline
  • All
  • 3 Years
  • 17.13 x 6.61 x 14.27
  • 21.82 lbs

NOTE: This firmware update cannot be performed via the Internet. It must be performed using a USB memory device
This firmware update includes the following:

  • Adds HTC Connect feature for compatible Android® phones.
  • Resolves an issue with connecting to Pandora's server.

Please note that all network settings, including the your Pandora account information, will be reset to the factory default after the update. Write down these settings before the update as they will be needed to set up the network again.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Updated 12/10/2012