SX-A9-J Elite Pure Audio Stereo Amplifier with USB input


The sound of excellence in your living room.

The SX-A9-J features AIR Studios tuning; engineers have put this amplifier through rigorous tuning, determined to deliver audio output that is as pure and precise to the original as possible.

The SX-A9-J is built integrating class-AB Dual Mono symmetrical amps (which operate in pure class-A mode in low power, eliminating switching and crossover distortion).

The amplifier SX-A9-J is designed to handle everything from analogue records to the latest digital audio formats; enjoy the full range of your music collection, regardless of the format.

Play your PC audio files directly through the USB input terminal, with the Sound Retriever breathing life back into compressed audio sources.

If you’re a Vinyl junkie, this amplifier features the MM / MC phono-equaliser amp while an audio pre-out allows upgrading with additional power amps. The amplifier’s stable honeycomb and seamless chassis with aluminium front panel reduces resonance to an absolute minimum and eliminates ground potential differences.

Additionally, the S-A9-J features a rigid under-base construction with stabilizing plate, metal insulators and aluminium side panels to even further enhance sound quality. A fully isolated quick response, non-feedback power supply unit integrates four sets of parallel ESR (equivalent serial resistance) capacitors. The result is minimal power loss with excellent response characteristics.


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Main Features  
AB Class Power Stage Yes
Continuous Power output 20 — 20,000 Hz, 4 Ω 70 W + 70 Watt
Continuous Power output 20 — 20,000 Hz, 8 Ω 55 W + 55 Watt
Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 113 x 369 mm
Direct Construction Yes
Twin Mono Symmetrical Construction Yes
Honeycomb Chassis Yes
Rigid Under Base Construction Yes
Large Insulators Yes
LAPT Power Device Yes
Toroidal Transformer Yes
Quick Response Power Supply Circuit Yes
Low-Impedance Driving Capability Yes
Wide-Range Linear Circuit Yes
Motor Driven Volume Control Yes
Audio Features  
“DIRECT” Switch Yes
Muting Yes
Tone Controls Yes
Balance Remote Yes
Sound Retriever Analogue Yes
Audio Input CD, Phono, Tape, AUX, Tuner
USB Input (2 ch) Yes (Rear, for PC)
Audio Output Tape, PRE-Out
Headphone Output Yes
Speaker Outputs 1
SR Out Yes
Large Speaker Terminal Yes
SR (System Remote) Control Unit Yes
LCD Dimmer Yes