Audiophile Grade Headphones

  • Over-Ear,Fully-Enclosed Dynamic Headphones
  • 50 mm Cellulose Nano-Fiber Wide-Spectrum Driver
  • Copper-coated Aluminum Voice Coil and Large Magnet
  • 5 Hz–85 kHz Frequency Response with 40 Ohms Impedance
  • Magnesium Alloy Base and Housing to Reduce Resonance


The SE-MONITOR5 audiophile grade headphones have been carefully designed to reignite your passion for music. This fully-enclosed dynamic stereo headphone provides an excellent listening experience, with a heavy focus placed on faithful reproduction of Hi-Res Audio formats. Our engineers have achieved this goal by carefully selecting proven driver materials along with improved innovative design, to limit resonance. Blending time-tested approaches with the latest in materials science, these headphones let music be heard over a vast soundstage with detail and control that’s captivating.


Cellulose Nano-Fiber Elevates the Hi-Res Audio Experience

Cellulose Nano-Fiber is made from wood-derived fiber (pulp) that has been defibrinated to the nano level of several hundredths of a micron and smaller, resulting in cellulose material that’s five times stronger and one-fifth lighter than iron. Cellulose Nano-Fiber has requisite stiffness to extend high-frequency response in excess of Hi-Res Audio bandwidths to satisfy listeners who value accurate reproduction of quality sources. Its organic composition absorbs minute resonances for faithful source reproduction, sounding particularly natural with acoustic instruments and vocals.

Full-Range Dynamic Design

Sound blooms true to the artist’s intent through these 50 mm (1.96˝) full-range dynamic drivers. Large surface area and no crossover assure perfect phase alignment for cohesion and localization. The unique transducer profile was developed in-house to shed unwanted resonance, revealing details otherwise lost from distortion.

Magnesium Alloy Base and Housing

To capitalize on the high performance offered by the newly developed driver, Pioneer selected magnesium alloy not only for the base, but also for the housing. The highly rigid material suppresses vibration that generates interference and distortion, particularly from deep bass notes at high volume.

Double Chamber Construction with Ports and Unique Diffuser

Headphone housings are made wide to expand main chamber volume and allow for a thicker housing mold, taming resonance. Main chambers have unique sculpted diffusers that disperse sound pressure into ported sub-chambers relieved by vents. The patented design reduces sound pressure level behind the driver to assure taut, clean, well-defined bass. Further, the system attenuates sound leakage.

Full Basket System

Harnessing the same construction techniques used for the SE-MASTER1, the SE-MONITOR5 features a Full Basket System to facilitate energetic sound reproduction and suppress unwanted resonance. A magnesium alloy part firmly secures the driver assembly to magnesium alloy base with screws, not glue, as is common with other headphones.

Floating Structure

The SE-MONITOR5 sound quality benefits from a floating base structure. The entire base assembly floats on rubber insulators to prevent L/R channel interference.

Super Duralumin Hangers

The hanger arms are constructed from super duralumin alloy. A wide yet finely graduated range of adjustment provides a comfortable fit for all listeners, with generously padded headband relieving pressure at contact points. Together with premium earpads, the SE-MONITOR5 can be worn for hours without fatigue.

Supplied with Two Pairs of Premium Earpads

The SE-MONITOR5 features memory-foam cushion earpad design typically found on higher priced audiophile headphones. Wrapped in soft velour-type cloth, the pads easily detach should you wish to change to supplied soft leather-type earpads. Whichever you choose, expect hours of immersive listening in total comfort.

Original Unbalanced Cord Design

Custom fabricated by Pioneer, the included unbalanced audio cords feature gold-plated 3.5 mm (1/8˝) 3-pole stereo connectors. Dual wires are braided to reduce electromagnetic interference and to resist tangling. The 1.6 m (5 ft.) and 3 m (9 ft.) cord lengths allow for easy enjoyment of premium sound on the go or while relaxing at home.

Balanced Audio Cord Included

Also made by Pioneer, the included 1.6 m (5 ft.) balanced audio cords feature gold-plated 2.5 mm (3/32˝) 4-pole stereo connectors. Dual wires are braided to reduce electromagnetic interference and to resist tangling. The perfect partner for next-generation DAPs, this balanced cord lets you experience an increase in headroom, channel separation, and overall clarity. With signals for left and right channels treated independently, crosstalk is eliminated for appreciably improved stereo performance.

  • Over Ear, Fully-enclosed Dynamic Headphones
  • 5 Hz – 85 kHz
  • 40 Ohms
  • 1,000 mW
  • 99 dB
  • 50 mm (1.96˝) Dynamic Driver
Included Accessories
  • Unbalanced Cord (OFC Litz Wire) 1.6 m (5 ft.), 3.5 mm (1/8˝) Stereo Mini-plug (Gold-plated)
  • Unbalanced Cord (OFC Litz Wire) 3.0 m (9 ft.), φ3.5 mm (1/8˝) Stereo Mini-plug (Gold-plated)
  • Balanced Cord (OFC Litz Wire) 1.6 m (5 ft.), 2.5 mm (3/32˝) 4-pole Stereo Super-mini Plug (Gold-plated/Balanced Connection-compatible
  • 2 Faux-Leather
  • Yes
  • Yes (Gold Plated, 3.5 mm to 6.3mm)
  • Owners Manual and Warranty Card
  • Yes