Second Notice Regarding Termination of the Cyclo-Sphere Web Service and Transfer to Shimanos New Web Service

Dear Users of Pioneer Cycle Sports Products:


On May 24, 2021, we announced that the Cyclo-Sphere web service will be terminated in Mid-June, and
that current users of the Cyclo-Sphere service who live in regions where Shimano's new web service is
available will be able to use it with ride data logged in Cyclo-Sphere by taking procedures to transfer such
data to the new service prior to the termination of Cyclo-Sphere

Now, we would like to inform you of the data transfer schedule and procedures. Please check the following
and conduct the necessary operations for you.

Transfer schedule
June 18, 2021, 05:00 (GMT) / 01:00(EDT): Cyclo-Sphere service terminated
June 30, 2021: Launch of Shimano's new web service
* You will have until
September 30, 2021 to elect whether to transfer your ride data in Cyclo-Sphere to
Shimano’s new web service. If you wish to transfer your data to Shimano's new web service, please
complete the transfer procedure below by this date. Cyclo-Sphere data that has not been transferred to
Shimano’s new web service will be deleted after October 1.
• In the event of any changes to the above schedule, we will inform you of such changes separately.

Transfer procedure
If you follow the steps below after the launch of Shimano's new web service, you will be able to continue to
use your workout data in Cyclo-Sphere with Shimano's new web service.

STEP1:  Please review and consent to Pioneer’s Privacy Notice for data transfer from Cyclo-Sphere to
Shimano's new web service.

⇒ Please click the link that will be added to the top page of Cyclo-Sphere web service after the
termination of that service.

Cyclo-Sphere -> Login guide page -> Privacy Notice

STEP2: Please log in to Cyclo-Sphere.

STEP3: Please log in to Shimano's new web service or register as a new user.

STEP4: Please read and agree to Shimano’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for Shimano's new web service.

STEP5: The data transfer procedure is complete.

• Once you have completed the above steps, your workout data will be automatically transferred to
Shimano's new web service. In this case, you do not need to download the workout from Cyclo-Sphere
and upload it to Shimano's new web service.

* In order to upload workout data from the SGX-CA600 or Cyclo-Sphere Control App to the Shimano's new
web service via Wi-Fi, your device will need to be set up additionally. Details on the procedure and settings
will be provided later.

Shimano's new web service
You can find out about Shimano's new web service from the following link.

For users in regions where Shimano’s new web service will be available, SGX-CA500 and SGX-CA600 can
upload workout data created after the termination of Cyclo-Sphere.

• Uploading workout data via Wi-Fi will no longer be available for the SGX-CA500. Please connect your
device to your PC with a USB cable to upload your files.
* Please check your unit’s firmware version and make sure it is updated to the latest version before the
termination of Cyclo-Sphere. The Shimano service has been developed for compatibility with the latest
firmware versions.

If you wish to use any services other than Shimano's new web service, please download your workout
data in FIT file format before the Cyclo-Sphere service terminates.
* Please ask the provider of your desired service if they support FIT file format.

Notes on the termination of Cyclo-Sphere
1. You will no longer be able to download your workout data as of June 18th. If you need past workout data
for the use of services other than Cyclo-Sphere, please download it before the service ends.

2. You will no longer be able to update the firmware or software of the product you use as of June 18th.
Please check its version and make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

3. SGX-CA600 will no longer be able to update the map. If you may wish to update or change the map after
the termination of Cyclo-Sphere, please download the latest map to your computer before the Cyclo-
Sphere ends.

4. The Cyclo-Sphere Analysis App will no longer be available. Please use the functions provided in Shimano’s
new web service.

5. You can continue to use the Cyclo-Sphere Control App with the exception of the firmware and map update
features mentioned above.

Q&A regarding Termination of the Cyclo-Sphere Web Service and Transfer to Shimano’s New Web Service


For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact Pioneer Customer Service in your area.