Introducing the Pioneer
Power Meter System

Every Revolution is a Revelation

Power-based training has just become even more powerful. Pioneer has created the first power meter system to measure real-time output and pedal stroke efficiency in each individual leg, so you can analyze and adjust your technique while you ride.

This proprietary system measures pedal force vectors at 12 different points along every stroke for both legs. With every revolution, you know more about your power output than cyclists have ever known before.

A New Way to
Measure Power

At the heart of the Pioneer Power Meter System are two streamlined strain gauge monitors, elegantly housed in a Shimano® Dura-Ace® or Ultegra® crank.

Exclusive Force
Vector Measurement

These gauges have been refined to detect infinitesimally small changes as force from a rider’s legs is applied to the crank arm.

This measures force and direction every 30 degrees—or 12 times per revolution—on both sides of the crank.

Unreal Data in Real Time

Power Measurements for Each Individual Leg

Pioneer Cycle Computers display power output for each individual leg in real time. Our dual-leg technology measures total power output, pedaling balance, and power application.

Pioneer Cycle Computers feature our exclusive Force Vector Display to analyze the power of your full pedal stroke in both legs. Intuitive graphics illustrate both left and right leg power output, pedaling stroke efficiency, power loss, force intensity, and force angle, all in real time so you can adjust your pedaling stroke on the fly. Integrated WiFi makes it easy to upload ride data to your cycling websites and apps, so you can analyze and improve your stroke over time.

Pioneer Cycle Computers display more than 175 cycling data points including heart rate, cadence, calories and more while you ride. A built-in GPS receiver tracks distance, grade, elevation and speed. More power data means more ways to improve your performance.

The Ultimate Post-Ride Analysis

Every Pioneer Cycle Computer comes with Cyclo-Sphere, our powerful cloud-based analysis. Cyclo-Sphere lets you manage your ride data, analyze up to 199 data points from your rides, and view up to 8 GPS connected measurements side-by-side. Built-in WiFi allows for seamless uploading of your ride data to Cyclo-Sphere, Strava, Training Peaks and your other cycling websites and apps.

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Developed with the Belkin Team

Pioneer’s cycle-computers and power meters are utilized as advanced training and racing tools by Belkin Pro Cycling Team and United Healthcare Pro Cycling Team through the 2014 season.

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Pioneer Power Meters and Cycle Computers can be seamlessly paired with your current ANT+ compatible products including power meters, cycle computers, heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors and other accessories.

Integrates with Strava and Training Peaks

After your ride, the Pioneer Cycle Computer can effortlessly push your data to your TrainingPeaks or Strava account. This can be done automatically through your WiFi network or by USB.

Cycle Computers

Choose from two models: A compact, black and white LCD touchscreen or a larger, full-color LCD touchscreen.

Color Cycle Computer

B/W Cycle Computer

Power Meter

The Pioneer Power Meter fits seamlessly onto your Shimano® Ultegra® or Dura-Ace® cranks.

Dura-Ace 9000

Ultegra 6800


See how our powerful cloud based analysis site makes it easy to manage, track and analyze your ride data.


Accessories & Bundles

A range of sensors to collect performance data or additional components for a second bike.

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