Bluetooth Low Energy connected GPS Navigation Cycle Computer designed for cycling exploration, ideal for training with Pioneer Power Meters

  • Smart Phone app for easy Setup and configuration
  • Map location tracking, Turn-By-Turn & Highlighted Route Navigation
  • Pedaling Monitor metrics when connected to a Pioneer Power Meter
  • Integrates with STRAVA® Live Segments for challenging your PR’s
  • Forwards your ride history to STRAVA®, Training Peaks® & Cyclo-Sphere®


Power your adventure with data

Wonder whether you’re making the most of your cycling? Want to track your progress? Want to know how to shake up your training so you can get better, faster? The Pioneer Cycle Computer does all of this – and more.

SGX-CA600 GPS Screen shot

Intuitive GPS Navigation

Explore new frontiers with our easy to read map. Turn-by-turn messaging, highlighted route navigation, cue sheet directions, corner scaling, route downloading from STRAVA® Routes and RIDE with GPS® services all give you a better ride experience than ever before. Plan your adventure with course profiles, off-course alerts and Points of Interest … we’ve got it all.

Cyclo-Sphere screen shot in hand

Simplified Set Up & Control

Use Pioneer’s proprietary Cyclo-Sphere Control App to simplify the setup and configuration of your Cycle Computer. Manage your display settings and device connections and update your firmware easily and intuitively. Not on your bike? No problem – your ride data is at your fingertips on your smartphone. The Cyclo-Sphere App keeps you rolling and pushes you to reach your full potential.

connection logos including bluetooth and wifi

Superior Connectivity

Connect your Pioneer Cycle Computer to your smartphone or smart trainer easily via Bluetooth, ANT+, ANT+ FE-C, and WiFi. Effortlessly upload your ride history and data to Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere App, STRAVA®, Training Peaks®, or Today’s Plan®. Opt to receive your calls, texts, and e-mail notifications and see Di2 or e-TAP drivetrain status.

Pioneer and Strava want you to take your riding to the next level with a free 60-day Strava SUMMIT membership trial. The membership trial is available with any purchase of the CA600 and sign up directions are included in the box.

pedal power screen shot image

Pedal Power

Every revolution is a revelation. Uncover pedaling imbalances and identify bike fit, power loss and absorption issues in real time so you can make corrections when they matter most. Our advanced Pedaling Monitor displays force vector, torque vector and pedaling efficiency metrics throughout your pedal stroke so you can improve your technique and efficiency on the fly – you won’t find another cycle computer that gives you all this data. Use your new knowledge to adjust and feel your technique improve instantly.

tracking your progress screen shots

Track Your Progress

Control and conquer your ride. Utilize our Cyclo-Sphere post-ride tool to examine and analyze every aspect of your workout. Track your rides for progress, plateaus and fatigue. The Pioneer Cycle Computer gives you the information to help adapt your technique and enhance your training for optimal improvement.

Pioneer and Strava Live Segments- Whether you’re competing at the highest level or simply pushing yourself to improve, the Pioneer CA600 cycle computer and Strava Live Segments (SLS) are your perfect training partners. Challenge your best personal record, chase the KOM/QOM and claim the title.

Once Authorized, your Strava Live Segment data is automatically available on your CA600 cycle computer. With the Auto Live Segment Page Transition option, your customized Strava Segments screen appears when approaching one of your starred segments. Other viewable data points include Distance to Starting Point, Elevation Gain, KOM/QOM, Personal Record, Remaining Distance, Elapsed Time, and Ahead / Behind time for your PR or the KOM/QOM, and Segment Profile graphics. The CA600 provides seamless integration so your favorite Strava Segments are always available and always ready to be challenged.

training assist screen shot

Optimize Your Output

You know interval training is indispensable for building your base. The Pioneer Cycle Computer provides three options for building and completing your interval trainings: Pioneer Training Assist®, Training Peaks and manual setup, which allow you to conduct customized intervals and FTP tests. Utilize power targets, escalation and achievement alerts to maximize your output. The power is in your hands.

  • 2.2 "
  • QVGA 240 x 320
  • Scroll, Enter, Left, Right, Lap, Menu, Start, Stop, Zoom, Save
  • Pedaling Charts – Vector & Torque, Gear, Training, TSS, MMP, Power Intensity, Level & Balance, Course & Course Profile, Live Partner, Cue Sheet
  • Pioneer Control App, ANT+ to Bluetooth Low energy Converter
Screen Options
  • Moving WO, Lap, Last Lap, Best Lap, Elapsed, Total Bike/Rider
  • Via Built-In GPS or Outboard ANT+ Speed Sensor
  • Via Built-In GPS or Outboard ANT+ Speed Sensor, Sensor Priority
  • ANT+ Cadence Sensor Required
  • ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Required
  • ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Required
  • Interval Count, Remaining Time, Target, Next Target
  • TSS, IF, NP WO, NP Lap, NP Last Lap, Intensity
  • Di2 & ETap
  • Head Unit, Pedaling Monitor L&R, Power meter, Front & Rear Derailleur, L&R Shifter
  • Vibration, W/O Avg., Lap Avg.
  • Power, Efficiency, TSS, Intensity, Cadence, HR, Calories
  • Distance to Destination, Transit, Next Point. Direction to Destination, Next Point. Next Point Message
  • Distant to Start, Elevation Gain, KOM, PR, Target, Elapsed Time
With Pioneer Power Meters
With ANT+ Power Meters
  • Pedaling Smoothness, Torque Effectiveness, GPR, GPA, KI
Settings & Options
  • Pioneer Control App
  • Auto Bike Select, 6 Bikes, Profiles, History
  • Training Peaks, Training Assist, MMP, FTP, Interval
  • FE-C Compliant
  • Personal, FTP, 3 Month MMP
  • Pedaling Monitor & Power meter
  • WiFi or BLE via Control APP
  • 6 + 1 Training
  • Time / Distance / GPS
  • Power, HR, Cadence, Target Range, Intensity, Partner, Message, Sound
  • Brightness / Contrast / Calibration
  • English / Spanish / French / German / Italian / Dutch / Japanese / Chinese
  • miles/km, ft/meter, fahrenheit/celsius, lb/kg
  • Initialize/Backup/Restore
  • WiFi / Bluetooth
  • 2GB
  • -10C – 50C
  • 12 Hrs
  • 1.5 Hrs (3A Charger)
  • 5 Hrs
  • IP66 & IP68
  • 85g
  • 50 x 88.3 x 16.5mm
  • 2 years
  • Handlebar bracket, USB cable, warranty