6"x9" 3-Way Speaker with 250 Watts Max. Power

  • 40 Watts Nominal Power
  • "Open and Smooth" Sound Design
  • Composite IMPP Cone Woofer with Interlaced Dual aramid fiber


Experience smooth sound with A-Series. Pioneer's exclusive technology enriches your music by producing clear, open sound. Bring out the details of your music with A-Series speakers.

How do we improve on the A-Series speakers each year? Here’s how. Our TS-A6962R 6” x 9” 3-ways now feature upgraded power handling of 250 watts max. (40 watts nominal). And we’re continuing to lead the industry with next-generation technology for improved sound: the cones, magnets, surrounds, the voice coil wire, the basket and more are all high-performance components that make up a great speaker. Lastly, we redesigned the speaker grille to compliment the excellence of our A-Series speaker.

Composite IMPP Cone with Interlaced Dual aramid fiber
One of our major speaker breakthroughs was IMPP (Injection-Molded Polypropylene), which allowed cones to be lighter AND more rigid. Then we added long stands of Aramid fibers into the mix, for extra strength. Now, we’ve gone even further with the TS-A6962R, adding a second type of Aramid fiber that makes the cone even stronger and tougher, without adding weight. So what does this mean to you? Tighter, more powerful bass. A rich, natural sound character with excellent midrange depth. And the durability to stand up to the high volume levels, humidity, and temperature extremes that thrash other speakers.

Heat Resistant Polyester-Imide Resin Voice Coil Wire
Creating mechanical energy is hot work, especially at high volume levels. And as we all know, heat can cause distortion. That’s why the TS-A6962R uses a heat-resistant polyester-imide resin voice coil wire. It allows the voice coil to handle more heat, improving input power handling as well as reliability. So go ahead. Turn it up.

  • 250 Watts
  • 40 Watts
  • 28Hz ~ 28kHz
  • 93dB
  • 4 ohm
  • 2-5/6" (72mm)
  • 6" x 8-2/3" (151mm x 220mm)
  • Composite IMPP Cone with Interlaced Aramid Fiber
  • Foamed Rubber Coated-Cloth
  • Glass-Imide
  • Nomex
  • 2-1/4" Lightweight Balanced Dome with Magnetic Fluid
  • 11/16" Dome tweeter
  • Full Depth Basket for Rich Bass Response
  • Included