How do I connect an XDV-P9 or XDV-P90 DVD changer to the AVIC-N1, AVIC-N2 or AVIC-N3?

When connecting the XDV-P90 or the XDV-P9 to the AVIC-N1, you will need an additional cable and an additional remote control (the touch screen control will not start the DVD, you need the remote control to start).

Recommended parts are listed below and are available at Pioneer Parts Online:

3 Meter Cable:  CDE6830
3 Meter Accessory Cable: CD-AB300
½ Meter Accessory Cable: CD-AB50
Remote Control:  CXC1224 to operate XDV-P90/P9 and basic control of navigation
Remote Control:  XPN1638 (supplied with the XDV-P90/P9) operates changer only

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